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Minister of Education inspects work progress at Exams department.

Minister of Education inspects work progress at Exams department.Sunday , 0406201715:40:00

Tripoli, 4 June 2017 (Lana) GNA Minister of Education, Othman Abduljaleel paid Saturday a visit to Tripoli’s Examinations Department, where he inspected work progress and preparations made for the Preparatory and Secondary certificates exams for school year 2016/2017. The Minister discussed with Head of Exams Depart. Mohamed Al Arrousi, exam mechanism, difficulties encountering the department way to ease them. Al Arrousi told the press that Preparatory Certificate exams to commence July 2, and continue for two week, on bases of one subject per day, and the Secondary certificate exams to start on July 16, also for two week. He said 85,000 students to set the first exam and 57,000 to set the second exam. =Lana=