Tuesday, 14/7/2020 | 5:54 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Minister of Education follows up exam progress in Tripoli.

Tripoli-Minister of Education Dr Mohamed Azzebi accompanied by education affairs official in central Tripoli, Ehmaida Al-Ghariani and media Director, Ramadan al-Ghadhwi inspected several exam committees for preparatory certificate. The visit to two schools in central Tripoli aimed at getting reassured about exam progress. In the course of the visit, Dr Azzebi listened to comments of students and exam supervisors. The minister was reassured that the questions are representing the curricula, he was also reassured about security climate at the exams sites. In a statement to the ministry's official website, the minister said the total number of students setting the exam for this year is 77,093 students in 30 educational zones, supervised by 990 supervising committee, besides accreditation of 170 centres for distribution of exam papers. Certain measures were taken for the displaced students from some regions which witness security issue, so they can set the exam where they are. He stressed that facilities should be rendered to them, that later they should submit their required documentations, Azzebi added. =Lana=

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Source: Libyan News Agency