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Minister of education discusses education issues in Herawa.

Minister of education discusses education issues in Herawa.Tuesday , 05-07-2016 – 17:58:00

Tripoli, 05.07.2016(Lana) Minister of Education, Dr Mohamed Al-Azabi met with crisis committee delegation of Harawa municipality that included member of the municipal council and head of the committee, Abdulla Shatiwi, and director general of Harawa hospital. Several issues related to education and urgent needs required for the educational establishments were discussed such as buildings, equipment and school labs. Member of the crisis committee said the State Organization controlled the area for over a year, during which it tried to impose its religious ideology and instill them on pupils by cancelling some curricula and imposing new subjects, amending school time need major support from the ministry in order to fight such behaviour that instilled by the State organization. he also said most schools are overcrowded and some schools need some maintance work. =Lana=.