Wednesday, 23/9/2020 | 8:59 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Media office of President of Presidency Council: second shipment of medical aid to Benghazi delivered.

Tripoli, Media office of President of Presidency Council has said the second shipment of medical aid offered by Italian government to Benghazi was received. The shipment was received at Tripoli Port according to international procedures. The shipment was received after coordination with the relevant state authorities including the Ports Authority, Maritime Transport, Customs Authority, and National Maritime Transport, he explained. The office pointed out that Libyan Airlines contributed to airlifting the cargo from Maitiqa International Airport to Tobruk free of charge where it was delivered to Benghazi Local Council and after which it was distributed to relevant authorities. It said the aid offered by the Italian government includes medicine, medical supplies. It said the first shipment was delivered in Tripoli during the latest visit by Italian Foreign Minister and his accompanying delegation to Tripoli.

Source: Libyan News Agency