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Main topics and media events 7 – 20 March 2016

Meeting of heads of state or government with Turkey, 07/03/2016

A meeting of EU heads of state or government will be held with Turkey which will be devoted to the refugee crisis.

Employment and Social Policy, 07/03/2016

The Council will hold a policy debate on the 2016 European Semester on the basis of an employment committee contribution on labour market segmentation and contractual arrangements. The Council will also discuss the expected new skills agenda.

Economic and Financial Affairs, 08/03/2016

The Council will discuss a draft directive on the exchange of tax-related information on the activities of multilateral companies. Banking union, business taxation and fiscal sustainability are amongst other items on the agenda.

Justice and Home Affairs, 10-11/03/2016

The Home Affairs Council will discuss the latest developments concerning migration and will  take note of a progress report on the proposal for a European border and coast guard. Ministers will also discuss the fight against terrorism.

The Justice Council is expected to adopt a general approach  on the Counter Terrorism Directive. It will also assess progress on the regulation establishing a European public prosecutor’s office.

Agriculture and Fisheries, 14/03/2016

Ministers will assess the current difficulties faced in several agricultural sectors, in particular the pig meat, dairy and fruit and vegetables sectors, with a view to determining the effectiveness of the current market support measures.

 The Council will adopt conclusions on the EU support to timber-producing countries and on fisheries partnership agreements with third countries, following recommendations issued by the European Court of Auditors on these subjects.

Foreign Affairs, 14/03/2016

The Council will discuss Iran, in particular the areas of re-engagement and the bilateral agenda. It will address the Middle East peace proces and  will also examine the latest developments in Libya and relations with Russia.

General Affairs, 15/03/2016

The Council will prepare the March European Council and adopt the interinstitutional agreement on better law-making.

European Council, 17-18/03/2016

The European Council will focus on migration and economic issues.