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Main topics and media events 14 – 27 March 2016

Foreign Affairs, 14/03/2016

The Council will discuss Iran, in particular the areas of re-engagement and the bilateral agenda. It will address the Middle East peace process and  will also examine the latest developments in Libya and relations with Russia.

Agriculture and Fisheries, 14/03/2016

Ministers will assess the current difficulties faced in several agricultural sectors, in particular the pig meat, dairy and fruit and vegetables sectors, with a view to determining the effectiveness of the current market support measures.

The Council will adopt conclusions on the EU support to timber-producing countries and on fisheries partnership agreements with third countries, following recommendations issued by the European Court of Auditors on these subjects.

General Affairs, 15/03/2016

The Council will prepare the March European Council and adopt the interinstitutional agreement on better law-making.

European Council, 17-18/03/2016

The European Council will focus on migration and economic issues.