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Links for 2012-06-10 [Digg]

  • Opinion: Improving the Quality of School Education – By Maryam Hedayat
    School does not mean a beautiful building with lots of class- rooms, surrounded by an attractive playground amid a good-looking fence. In real, school is an institution where an individual’s outlook, a community’s hope, a society’s expectations and a nation’s future are nourished and shaped.
  • Opinion: Exiled in Libya – By Zainab Al-Arabi
    I am a Libyan exile. I have lost my home, but I have not lost my bearings; I have not lost my self. I know who I am. I am neither defined by the Gaddafi era, nor am I defined by the NTC (years?). A Libyan from Gharian married to a Libyan from Gwalish, Jebel Nfusah is my home. I will not relinquish my right to go home, despite the animosity, hatred, and violence directed towards the people of Gwalish by the criminal militia that has stationed itself there in our small town.
  • Opinion: Education Decides the Destiny – by S.A.Thameemul Ansari
    Education decides the destiny of a nation. The qualities that a meaningful education promotes facilitate the process of democracy that brings in laudable changes in administration and academics.
  • Ai Says Libyan Surgeon Accused of Neglect Faces Spurious Charges
    Libyan authorities must review the charges faced by a neurosurgeon accused of neglect over the death of an anti-Gaddafi fighter, Amnesty International, AI, has said.
  • Wedding vs Funerals – by Huda Biuk
    If you want to take a snapshot of Tripoli culture, learn the elaborate and often complex customs, and discover the role that tradition continues to play on society, then attend a traditional wedding. But, if you want to see the raw social truths that often go overlooked in the hype of celebration, witness a funeral.
  • Egypt’s Convicted President Health Condition Critical, Reports Say
    Former Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak who was recently convicted of failing to stop the killing of protesters during the uprising that overthrew him in 2011, and sentenced to life imprisonment, is slipping in and out of consciousness eight days after he was transferred to a hospital inside a Cairo prison to serve his life sentence, a security official said on Sunday.
  • Human Rights Watch Slams Israel for ‘Violating Migrants’ Basic Rights’
    New York-based group Human Rights Watch on Sunday urged Israel to repeal or amend a law that allows migrants to be detained without charge for up to three years, calling it a violation of "basic rights," adding that the new law "punishes asylum seekers for irregularly crossing into Israel, in violation of their basic rights."
  • Libya Holds ICC Four-Member Delegation After Visiting Seif
    The International Criminal Court, ICC, is demanding the immediate release of four of its members detained in the Libyan town of Zintan since Thursday who have been accused by the Libyan authorities of allegedly breaching Libyan national security by carrying spying material and suspicious documents, and for passing "dangerous" documents to Seif al-Islam, the son of the former Libyan dictator.
  • 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifiers: Libya Beat Cameroon to Top Group
    Libya did the unexpected in the neutral stadium of Sfax in Tunisia by beating Cameroon 2-1 in Group I of the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifiers with a dramatic last-minute goal by Hamad Ahniash in Sfax, in neighbourly Tunisia.