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Links for 2012-05-04 [Digg]

  • Libya Takes Measures to Crack Down on Pro-Gaddafi Elements, Grants Immunity to Revolutionaries
    The Libyan government on Thursday granted immunity to former revolutionaries who fought to oust the dead brutal dictator Gaddafi regime and unveiled legislation that cracks down on supporters of that corrupt regime.
  • OPINION: Thanks to My Dear Libyan Friends – S.A.Thameemul Ansari
    I am one of the thousands of immigrants who left Libya during the time of revolution. God only knew how much it pained us to leave a country which gave us hope, enriched us with its rich cultural diversity and pleased us with its finest treat of gentle weather. I still remember the words of the taxi driver who drove us to the port from where we boarded our ship. He said, "We are sorry for the state of affairs now. But, we appeal to you to pray for us. Please carry with you only good memories of our country. But, I am sure, Insha Allah, you will come back once this wind of change settles down."
  • Libya: Stability or Civil War?
    It is still not clear whether the highly precarious post-regime change situation in Libya will revert to civil war or stabilise into a potentially sustainable transition, a special report by the London School of Economics (LSE) concludes.
  • Libya: FBI Director, Scottish Prosecutor Secretly Visit Tripoli, Discuss Ongoing Lockerbie Investigation
    The USA’s Director of FBI Robert S Mueller and Scotland’s most senior prosecutor Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland secretly visited Tripoli and met with the Prime Minister Abdulrrahim Elkeib, The Telegraph reported on Wednesday 2 May.
  • Body of Shukri Ghanem Brought Home for Burial, Investigation Continues
    The body of Libyan former oil minister Shukri Ghanem, who was found dead in the Danube river in Vienna on Sunday 29 April, was flown home to Tripoli on Thursday.