Saturday, 29/2/2020 | 3:20 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Libya’s Representative to UNESCO confirms that recovery of smuggled Libyan archaeology continuing.

Paris, Libya's Representative to UNESCO,

Dr Abdelqader Al Saeh has confirmed that recovery of smuggled Libyan

archaeology is continuing in coordination between Libyan and Spanish


In an exclusive statement to Lana Tuesday, he said after follow

up of a person selling smuggled Libyan archaeological articles and

storming his place by the Spanish authorities, apparently the items

are enormous and mostly smuggled from Cyrene.

Dr Abdelqader Al Saeh praised the Spanish authorities for their

full coordination with the Libyan authorities to catch the smugglers,

explaining that there are suspicion that trafficking of

archaeological articles could be linked to financing terrorism,

although no official statement indicated so.

Spanish police caught Libyan area logical items that belong to

Cyrene and Apollonian sites.

Dr Abdelqader Al Saeh is currently heading the Arab group at


Source: Libya News Agency