Sunday, 19/1/2020 | 12:45 UTC+0
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Libyans Sceptical of Geneva Dialogue

The second round of Libya peace talks wrapped up in Geneva this week – on the same day that Islamic State terrorists staged a deadly attack on a Tripoli hotel.

The ongoing violence in Libya is taking a toll on citizens. They blame the parties to the dialogue for the non-stop bloodshed, saying they could have sat together and reached a solution.

The head of the UN mission to Libya addressed the Libya morale issue at the Geneva meeting.

“We all agree that the wounds of the Libyan people are too deep,” UN Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) chief Bernardino Leon said Tuesday (January 27th) at the conclusion of the Swiss talks.

“No one in Libya has been spared… . However, in order to work for the future, we have to look ahead and focus on how you can work together to help establish peace and security in Libya.”

The Geneva dialogue issued a closing statement saying: “Participants have expressed their belief that the frank and true exchange of views between Libyans constitutes the foundation for realising reconciliation, and therefore, they started these discussions. All participants stressed the need to work together and co-operate in order to find a suitable environment for making the dialogue a success by reaching a peaceful solution to the political and security crisis in Libya.”

“The participants also agreed to send a clear message to all conflicting parties to listen to the appeal of heads of municipalities and elected representatives who are closer to population in their areas and know their needs and aspirations, to the effect that it is now time to stop fighting and seize the opportunity for peace which this dialogue represents,” the statement added.

Negotiators also announced plans to “form various working groups to proceed with their efforts to improve the lives of Libyans who have suffered a lot and lost their loved ones and properties and were forced to leave their homes to other areas both inside and outside the country”.

The UN has brokered a several-point agreement between the Misrata and Tawergha municipalities to ease their long-standing conflict, stressing the right of Tawergha residents to return to their land.

However, Libyans remain sceptical, especially with the Islamist-backed Tripoli administration refusing to take part in the peace talks.

“What’s happening in Geneva will simply lead to the division of the nation,” commented 38-year-old employee Munir Salem.

Nesrin Abdel Rahman, 33, a social worker, disagreed: “If there will be a solution to stop the war, then yes to the Geneva dialogue.”

“We’ve become fed up with war, and the parliament and government have done nothing other than receiving their salaries and budgets and taking photographs,” she added. “Benghazi is in tatters.”

Source : Magharebia