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Libyan News Agency English News Bulletin Thursday 05 Sha’aban 1437 H 12 May 2016 ========================================= Lana/01 Saraj: political and security conditions in Libya are rapidly improving.

Tunisia, - Head of the presidential council of NAG "Fayez Saraj" , said that the political and security conditions in Libya are rapidly improving , to provide the reconstruction of the Libyan state , according to three clear priorities , which are security , economic and national reconciliation , despite some incidents we regret and could not be avoided. Saraj said to the Tunisian "Al-Sabah" newspaper , that the power transition process is moving on , in ministries and public institutions calmly , amid optimism to turn over the past page , and launching reconstruction with all national powers' participation , in a new political atmosphere without excluding and national political party. =Lana= Lana/02 Russian and Italian foreign ministers discuss political settlement in Libya. Moscow, 13.05.2016 - Lana - The Russian foreign minister "Sergey Lavrov" in a phone call with his Italian counterpart "Paolo Gentiloni" , discussed ways for providing assistance to both sides in libya , in order to reach a solution for the crisis , as soon as possible. According to the Russian foreign ministry's statement , reported by 'TASS' news agency said that ; "both foreign ministers had discussed the situation in Libya , and the multilateral scheduled communications , about assisting the Libyan to reach a settlement". =Lana= Lana/03 Ras-J'deer border crossing opened. Tripoli, 14.05.2016 - Lana - Work at Ras-J'deer border crossing between Libya and Tunisia , had resumed on Saturday , after been closed for more than two weeks , due to security events that took place in Bengerdan city. Spokesman for the joint security room of Zawara "Hafez Mo'amar" , in a press statement said that ; authorities on both sides of the crossing after a meeting for long hours , have agreed to open the crossing as from Saturday , and the trading movements will begin on next Monday. The announcement of opening the border crossing came , after a visit by presidential council chief "Fayez Saraj" to Tunisia , and meeting with the president "Caid Esibsi" , which led to agreeing on establishing a joint committee , to follow up the crossing movement between the two countries. =Lana= Lana/04 Mogherini: European forces will train the naval forces and coastal guards in Libya. Tripoli, 14.05.2016 - Lana - The high representative for security and foreign policy in the EU "Federica Mogherini" , said that "Sofia" operation forces launched by the EU last year in the Mediterranean , will begin soon in training the coastal guards and naval forces in Libya. Mogherini in a statement , pointed out that the European political security committee , had adopted the decision to extent Sofia operation for another year , as well as maintaining the main task , which is to dismantle the smuggling networks. Sofia cadres will commence training the Libyan naval forces and costal guards , and to promote information exchange , at the request of the legitimate Libyan authorities. Mogherini also pointed out , that Sofia staff will implement the arm embargo to Libya , in accordance to the security council resolution , she also said that the preparations for the new tasks will take several days , asserting on the importance for the European ministerial council's approval on this matter. The European official , in her statement , she welcomed this development in Sofia missions , especially for the urgent Libyan status , and she said that she will meet with the head of the presidential council Saraj in Vienna next Monday , during the international conference about Libya , at the invitation of the USA and Italy. =Lana= Lana/05 China and Tunisia show their will to assist the stability in Libya. Tunisia, 14.05.2016 - Lana - On Friday , China and Tunisia have agreed on establishing an infrastructure projects in Tunisia , and promoting cooperation against terrorism. Tunisian foreign minister "Khamis J'hinawi" , in a press conference with his Chinese counterpart "Wang Yi" , which was held in the capital Tunis , said that the Chinese foreign minister's visit , is very important in the framework of supporting Tunisia and backing it to face the economic challenges , as well as security issue in confronting terrorism , noting that his Chinese counterpart showed his country's readiness to contribute in an infrastructure projects in Tunisia , especially in the health field. J'hinawi said that the discussions with his Chinese counterpart , had dealt with the regional and international issues , including the Libyan file , asserting China's full readiness to help for the stability of libya. For his part , the Chinese foreign minister "Wang" , said that his visit to Tunisia is message to the world , that his country is seeking to strengthen relations with it , according to the Tunisian side needs , noting that there is a consensus to promote cooperation in the infrastructure area , especially in health and education , as well as cooperation in confronting terrorism.

Source: Libyan News Agency