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Libyan News Agency English News Bulletin Fri.Sunday , 10-01-2016 – 18:34:00

-Sat. 28-29 Rabe’a al-Awal 1437 H 08-09 January 2016 ========================================= Lana/01 A delegation from the Ministers of the Government of National Salvation is on a visit to Misrata hospital to check on the wounded and injured of Zliten and Sidra. Misurata 10 January , 2016 (LANA) – A delegation from the Ministers of the Government of National Salvation, visited Misratah hospital to check out the status of the wounded and the injured of the terrorist bombing that targeted a police training center in Zliten, as well as the injured and the wounded in the attack on the zone of ports and oil fields in Sidra area. The delegation included Ministers of Health , Foreign Affairs, Education, and Undersecretary of Defense whom assured on the medical procedures and stages of treatment which is made for the wounded; and that after meeting and listening to them. The Minister of Health, confirmed that the infected cases, which are hard to treat will be dispatched to the treatment in Turkey and Malta. =Lana= Lana/02 Italy announces the hold of a conference about Libya in the 19th of this month. Rome 10 January , 2016 (LANA) – The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs,announced that Rome will host a conference on Libya in the “19” of the this month , in the presence of the countries that participated in the conference, which was held in the last December . According to a ministry statement, posted on its official website, the announcement of this conference, came after telephone talks that conducted by its minister “Paulo Jntelaun” with his counterparts: Algerian , Egyptian, Qatari and Turkish. The statement also mentioned , that the ministers expressed their condemnation of the attacks and the acts, which they described as terrorists, which took place in Libya in recent days, considering that the concern about it must be translated to form a national unity government by consensus, according to the UN resolution in particular. =Lana= Lana/03 Jantelaun calls not to rush in to take any military action which may increase the impact of disturbances in Libya. Rome 10 January , 2016 (LANA) – The Italian Foreign Minister, “Paulo Jntelaun,” called not to rush in to take any military action in Libya, saying that any show of military force may increase the impact of disturbances in this country. “Jantelaun” stressed in a press statement, the need for security support to Libya, stressing that his country considered the show of military force a real mistake., “Jantelaun”, stressed that the national interests of his country, to be in Libya, which he described as vital and neighbor country , the process of stability is slowly leading to the formation of a stable government, as the case in the rest of North Africa countries. =Lana= Lana/04 Kobler: Libya Can’t Afford to Remain Divided in the Face of Terrorism. Tripoli, 10 January 2106(Lana) The UN Special Envoy to Libya Martin Kobler has condemned the terror attack on the Police training camp in Zletin, and stressed that Libya can’t afford to remain divided in the face of terrorism. ‘I was shocked by the despicable act of terror which demonstrated once more the need for Libya to speed up the formation of a national consensus government and reactivation of the Libyan security forces, Kobler said in remarks published on UNSMIL website on Friday. The UN is in contact with Libyan authorities about provision of medical supplies needed to treat victims of the attack, Kobler said. The UN Envoy urged Libyans to brush aside their differences, and to unite in the face of terrorism, saying ‘the assault comes at a time when fighting was still raging at the oil installations in Al Sidra, and Libya cannot afford to stay divided in the face of this serious terrorist threat. =Lana= Lana/05 UN Secretary General Condemns Zletin Terror Attack. New York, 10 January 2106(Lana) The UN Secretary General Ban Ki Mon has condemned the terrorist attack on a Police training camp in the city of Zletin, 150 km east of Tripoli which left dozens killed or wounded. The UN Secretary General also condemned the terrorist attacks which targeted oil installations in central Libya and deplored in a statement issued by the UN press office the criminal outrages. =Lana= Lana/06 Movement Across Dhaiba-Wazen Border Crossing Normal. Tunis, 10 January 2106(Lana) The movement across the border crossing between Libyan and Tunisia at Dhaiba-Wazen was said to have been normal. The Tunisian news agency reported that the activity through the crossing came to a standstill over the last few days because of the protests in the city of Dhaiba on the Tunisian side, after a ban was imposed on smuggled fuel trade and local demands for employment and development projects in the area. =Lana= Lana/07 Italy Says Unity of Libyan People is the Only Response to Terrorism Threats. Tripoli, 10 January 2106(Lana) Italian Foreign Minister Paolo Gentelone has urged the people of Libya to unite in order to confront terrorism threat, after the attack which rocked a Police training camp in Zletin 150 km east of the Libyan capital, leaving dozens killed or wounded. Ina statement of Friday, Gentelone expressed his solidarity with the victims of the terrorist attack considering that the response to the threat of terrorism through unity of Libyans and expedient execution of the political agreement. The Italian Minister stressed ‘the need for overcoming the internal divisions to set up the national consensus government and to focus on the common fight against terrorism to pacify the country. The tragic events in Zletin emphasizes the desire of the general public to live peacefully under a government that works to rebuild the country, he said. =Lana= Lana/08 Widespread Condemnation of Attack of Police Training Camp in Zletin. Tripoli, 10 January 2106(Lana) The dastard attack which targeted a Police training camp in Zletin, 150 km east of Tripoli was widely condemned by governments and international organisations which said the threat of terrorism should be confronted by unity of the Libyan people and the formation of national unity government that can reunite the country and stem out division and instability. The Moroccan government condemned the attack on the Police camp and expressed solidarity with the Libyan people. A statement issued by the Moroccan foreign ministry called on Libyan parties to put the interests of the country first, in order to put an end to what it called the state of anarchy which fuels extremism and terrorism. The Arab League called on Libyan parties to close ranks and expedite the formation of the consensus government, to prevent terror groups from exploiting the current situation to block the political solution and threaten the country’s resources. The UN Security Council strongly condemned the attack in Zletin which left dozens killed or wounded. The 15 member council called in a press statement for the perpetrators of this crime to be brought to justice. The Secretariat of the Arab Maghreb Union condemned the terrorist attack which targeted a Police training centre in Zletin, and said in a statement on Friday the attack threatens international effort to restore peace and stability in Libya. It expressed its solidarity with the Libyan people and offered condolences to the victims of the vicious crime. On its part the Organisation of Islamic Conference called on the Libyan parties to commit to execution of the provisions of the political agreement signed in Morocco under the UN auspices. It also called for an acceleration of the formation of the national unity government to ensure the restoration of unity, security and stability of the country. Lana/09 Algeria also expressed full solidarity with the people of Libya at this time of hardship, and urged Libyans to overcome their differences and to put the interests of Libya first. Malta said the Zletin assault compels Libyan antagonists to set aside their differences and work together to implement the UN-brokered agreement to save the country from the threat of terrorism. =Lana= Lana/10 EU grants one million Euros in aid to Libya. Tunisia, 10.01.2016 – Lana – The EU security and foreign policy commissioner ‘Federica Moghorini’ , declared that the EU had provided a one million Euros to help Libya in supporting security and stability in the country. During a joint press conference with the candidate head of the accord government ‘Faez Saraj’ , on Friday evening in Tunisia , said that the EU will provide more humanitarian aid to Libya. She also , renewed her call to all Libyan parties to confront terrorism , asserting that the security situation in Libya pose a “major threat” to deliver the aid. For his part , Saraj renewed his confirmation , that he would work to form the accord government within a specific timetable , pointing out on agreeing to activating the European aid package to Libya. Saraj called on ; “the necessity to establish partnership among the Libyans in all economic and social sectors , monitoring the humanitarian aid and activating the European support package”. Federica Moghorini , had arrived in Tunisia , where she met with Saraj , and number of the presidential council members of the national government accord. =Lana= Lana/11 NSG delivers food supplies to Ghat municipality. Ghat, 10.01.2016 – Lana – The national salvation government ‘NSG’ , had conducted shipments of food supplies to Ghat residents , who are suffering from a severe shortage of food products , due to clashes last month. Crisis committee member in Ghat municipality ‘Ramadan Ahmad’ , said that this shipment was shipped by air , carrying about 28-30 tons of food supplies … saying that the rest of the shipment will arrive continually in the up-coming days. Ramadan , in a press statements said , that this shipment , which is within the south rescue program , included “rice , sugar , flour , tomato-paste and cooking oil”. =Lana= —– Libyan News Agency —– xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx