Monday, 17/2/2020 | 9:16 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Libyan-Italian Ministers Discuss Re-activating Suspended Infrastructure Projects and Restoring Flights Between Two Countries.

Rome, The Libyan Minister of Transport Milad Ma'toug discussed here on Tuesday with the Italian Minister of Transport and Infrastructure reactivating a cooperation agreement signed by the two countries, especially the construction of coastal road linking the west of the country to the east, which was part of the Friendship treaty signed under the former regime. The meeting also dealt with restoring suspended flights between the two countries. The Friendship treaty which the two countries signed back in 2008, provided for Italy promising to invest $5 billion in infrastructure projects over 20 years including infrastructure projects as part of reparations for the Italian colonial rule of Libya. In implementation of the treaty the two sides have set up a 5 member joint technical committee, which was entrusted to determine the technical aspects of the treaty, the timetable for execution of the projects and the follow up business. As part of the treaty the two sides have agreed to allocate $5 billion 3.6 billion Euros to execute the 1720km coastal highway which was divided into 4 phases, the first section Emsa'ed -Al Marj 400km, the second Al Marj-Al Breiga 400km, the third Al Breiga -Misrata 525km and the last Misrata-ras Jdeir 539km. Work on the project was suspended in mid 2014.

Source: Libyan News Agency