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Libyan Industrial Union organizes workshop on private sector contribution to development.

Libyan Industrial Union organizes workshop on private
sector contribution to development.Wednsday , 1312201715:28:00

Tripoli, 13 December 2017 (Lana) Libyan Industrial Union
organized Wednesday a workshop themed; ‘Legislative Proposals for the
Private Sector to Support the Public Sector’. The workshop is
designed to developing legislative proposals on Private Sector’s
Contribution to Economic development.
The workshop held at Corinthian Hotel in Tripoli is in line with
the economic and financial reforms and the role of the private sector
in addressing the current crisis and the need to amend some
legislations, besides the need to issue important decisions to
promote the private sector in order to play its role in salvaging the
national economy.
The opening session was attended by head of financial committee
at the House of Representatives, Omar Tantoush, GNA Vice-President ,
Ahmed Amitiq, GNA Minister of Economy, Omar Al Dersi, Governor of
Central Bank of Libya, Al sadiq Al kabier, Executive Director of
Libyan Industrial Union, Ali Anssair, and several experts in economy
and industry.
In a statement to Lana Amitiq said the private sector is
promising, and through the 45 points made by the Presidency Council
and the committee set up to address the economy and its reform, it is
expected to play its role in the economy. He said there are many
fields which are open to the private sector including communications,
electricity, animal resources and fishing.
Amitiq said this programme is not a remedial one but a programme
to salvage the Libyan economy from deformities. He underlined that
Libyan oil production recorded one million and one hundred thousand
barrels per day, explain that this figure would support the revenues
of foreign currency and would reflect positively on the value of the
Libyan dinar and national economy.