Tuesday, 11/8/2020 | 3:39 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Libyan Artist Laid to Rest in His Birthplace

Al Khoms-The funeral of the Libyan famous

singer Mohamed Hasan was held yesterday in his hometown Al Khoms.

Hasan was laid to rest at Al Afadhil cemetery just outside the

town, with a crowd of his fans, friends and family members attending

the ceremony.

The singer died in a Tunis clinic on Sunday after a long struggle

with illness. He was 73.

obituary statements were read out at the funeral, celebrating his

life and works by friends and colleagues, who were united in the

belief that he had been an artistic asset and a national symbol.

Mohmed Hasan was born in the coastal city of Al Khoms 120 km east

of Tripoli in 1946. He started his artistic career as a singer and

musical writer, he shot to fame for nationalistic and love songs

during the seventies and eighties of the 20th century. He wrote an

epical musical called a 'journey of lyrics' in the seventies

featuring lyrics from different parts of Libya, which was one of his

famous works.

Speakers at his funeral said he will be missed by his fans in

Libya and also in the neighboring countries.

Source: Libya News Agency