Sunday, 9/8/2020 | 7:46 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Libyan Airlines Announces The Start Of Commercial Cargo Flights Between Libya And Turkey

Tripoli- Libyan Airlines announced in Tripoli, Wednesday, the start of commercial cargo flights between Libya and Turkey, without specifying the starting point for flights, whether from Mitiga airport or Misurata Airport. A number of air transport companies in Libya announced that they have started commercial flights to a number of countries, after stopping the passenger transport operations due to the spread of Corona virus and stopping the movement of travel except for returning of stranded people. It is noteworthy that Afriqiyah Airways, which is one of the state-owned companies, announced last May that it had started operating air cargo flights, and that it had started the reservation process through the Tripoli sales office located in the commercial center, Oasis Center, which started providing services to clients.

Source: Libya News Agency