Monday, 10/8/2020 | 10:28 UTC+0
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Libya Reaches Out to Tunisia

Libyan Interior Minister Omar Al-Sanki on Tuesday (November 4th) thanked Tunisia for supporting the security and stability of his country.

The statement came during al-Sanki’s talks in Tunis with Foreign Minister Mongi Hamdi.

Hamdi stressed Tunisia’s firm position “with regard to the events in Libya, and its stand at the same distance from all sides”.

“There is no solution to the Libyan crisis except through dialogue and consensus among the political parties to overcome the current stage,” Hamdi said.

The meeting addressed the status of kidnapped Tunisian journalists Nadhir Ktari and Sofien Chourabi, and the Tunisian embassy guard abducted in Tripoli.

Hamdi conveyed the importance attached by authorities and public opinion to the case. Al-Sanki stressed that he was following up the matter personally, and hoped to secure a speedy release of the abductees.

“The elected parliament has taken an important decision, to dissolve all armed militias,” Al-Sanki also told his Tunisian counterpart Lotfi Ben Jeddou.

According to political analyst Bassel Torjman, the Libyan minister’s visit to Tunisia was “an extension to the security co-operation between the two countries”.

One important issue yet to be resolved is “the continued support of terrorist groups in Libya for terrorists in Tunisia, with money and weapons”, Torjman told Magharebia.

“The presence of these groups in Tunisia and their large expansion is becoming a vexing security and political point for the two countries,” the analyst said.

Torjman continued, “The other confusing issues are Libyans living in Tunisia and the impact of their presence.”

Tunisian citizens, meanwhile, applauded the diplomatic outreach by Libya.

Maya Ben Mourad, 32, said, “Such visits by state officials from Libya must be repeated until we feel that there is a system and a state there and the Tunisian side can find solutions with an official side.”

“It is no secret to anyone that relations between Tunisia and Libya are about borders, and we cannot forget the situation there,” university professor Monia Ghasmi said.

“We will not see stability in Tunisia as long as the situation in Libya is unstable and terrorists continue training there,” she added.

Source : Magharebia