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TRIPOLI– The Libyan Joint Chamber for Disposition of War Remnants in the city of Sirte on Saturday announced the disposal of a ton of war remnants and ammunition collected from different parts of the city.

The explosives were collected from residential areas and near the city’s hospital, said the website of Alwasat news.

More explosives and ammunition are being searched for disposal, it added.

Sirte, located some 450 km east of the capital Tripoli, witnessed months of fighting between forces allied with the UN-backed government and Daesh militants in 2016 until the government forces succeeded in taking over the city in December of the year.

However, the government said the Daesh remains a threat to the national security despite the defeat in Sirte.

Meanwhile, the Libyan navy said that it rescued a crew of 14 members on a cargo ship that drifted off Tripoli’s port on Wednesday because of high waves and bad weather.

“A cargo ship called Atlantis carrying a Liberian flag drifted as a result of sea disturbance and high waves while trying to enter the port of Tripoli,” the navy’s information office said in a statement.

The ship hit rocks and water leaked into the engines, the statement said.

All 14 crew members rescued are Indian nationals, it added.







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