Thursday, 1/10/2020 | 6:44 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Libya body for elders and dignitaries demands presidential council to oversee the conditions of Libyans abroad.

Tripoli, - The national body of Libya elders and dignitaries , had demanded the presidential council to oversee , the conditions of the Libyans resided abroad. Body member "Taher Badawi" , in a statement to "Lana" said that , the Libyans are suffering abroad from difficulties , especially embassies' procrastination in extracting passports and national numbers , which has become a matter "it cannot be tolerated". Badawi , appealed to passport and citizenship authorities , as well as civil registration for urgent intervention , and finding a mechanism to solve their problems , saying that ; "the battle in Libya today lies in order to quell sedition and bridge the gap , among the sons of the one homeland" , as he put it.

Source: Libyan News Agency