Monday, 3/8/2020 | 8:22 UTC+0
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Libya Activists Weigh in As Disorder Continues

As the UN mission in Libya prepares to jumpstart a national dialogue this week, intellectuals and civil society groups are making their views heard.

In a statement posted to Facebook on Sunday (December 14th), activists called on the UN to uncover Libyan financial assets abroad and support the army at home.

The statement, signed by more than 60 activists and intellectuals, formulated three demands, starting with a call for the UN “investigate and uncover all stolen funds estimated at tens of billions”.

Secondly, the intellectuals urged “support for the legitimate institutions elected by the Libyan people represented in the parliament and the legitimately elected Libyan government”.

Their third demand was “support for all that comes out of the legitimate authorities and the Joint Chiefs of Staff through the empowerment of the Libyan army to complete the process of cleansing the country from all forms of illegal arms”.

Khalid Maghrebi, a poet and editor of the website Jolyananews, posted on his Facebook page a draft of the statement, signed by a number of activists, journalists, and intellectuals.

“When we adhere to the legitimate institutions of the state and support them we will not be automatically biased towards our region or tribe or like those who spread sedition because of intolerance due to regionalism or tribalism or to break the unity and cohesion of our beloved homeland. State institutions are the only path to the unity of the country, east, west, and south,” he wrote.

Maghrebi added, “You must act spontaneously and work toward unity. I, through my social work with the elders and notables feel that we can create a consensus by developing a conciliatory plan based on several stages and with more than one programme. It will be viable and we will reach reconciliation with God’s help.”

“All of us, intellectuals, journalists, and activists on Facebook have to adopt the case permanently and actively and move away from marginal issues so that we create together a path on Facebook as a daily written demonstration in order perhaps to take to the streets one day in Benghazi,” he said.

The opportunity to sign the statement is still open to intellectuals and activists who wish to express their demands.

Source : Magharebia