Saturday, 19/9/2020 | 12:21 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Lavaraov: Libya Should not be Allowed to Turn into Terror Focus.

Moscow, Russian Foreign Ministry Sergei Lavarov said 'Libya should not be allowed to turn into a terror focus, and called an end to intervention in the internal affairs of this country. 'Libya turning into a focus of terror is unacceptable, Lavarov was quoted as saying, by Russia Today Television Channel at a reception marking Africa Day on Monday. Lavarov noted that his country welcomed willingness by Africans to combat contemporary challenges particularly international terrorism which is growing currently in a number of African states. Economic and social development in the continent is closely linked to dissolving peace and stability missions, Lavarov said, adding 'in this regard there is concern about tension in South Sudan, Mali, Congo, Somalia and Burundi.

Source: Libyan News Agency