Lana’s African Affairs Editor: It’s Unfair to Blame Libya Alone for Illegal Migration.

Tripoli, The incident at the illegal migrants’ detention camp in Ghout Al Sha’al in Tripoli, and indeed the security operation to rid the area of Gargaresh of criminals and drug dealers has shed light on the challenges facing Libyan authorities when dealing with the illegal migration issue, which poses great difficulties that could surpass the abilities and resources of a country, still suffer from effect of war, instability and anarchy, Lana’s African Affairs Editor wrote.

Under continued ignoring by the international community of repeated calls for joint work on the migration issue, Libya, being a transit country, finds itself morally responsible for hundreds of thousands of migrants with what that entails on the security, economic, and societal levels, the Editor said.

Despite the fact that the Libyan people have condemned all kinds of maltreatment of migrants in Tripoli, the international media organs have set out magnifying and misconstruing the events, and deliberately blaming the Libyan authorities in spite of their efforts to provide food and shelter for those stranded, he added.

The Editor noted that the international media have gone their old ways of agitating the migrants kept in detention camps in Libya, after failing to cross to the other side of the Mediterranean, featuring their suffering and desperate situations at the Sea, ignoring the fact that the bulk of migrants, thousands of them, who chose against all odds to settle and work in Libya, and send back money to their families through money transfer companies.

‘Libya still is taking in thousands of migrant workers who flock into the country illegally and share a living with Libyans, the Editor said.

‘Libya is a transit country and has witnessed unprecedented flow of migrants, hundreds of thousands of them, some of them settled in the country while others fell prey to domestic and foreign traffickers, exploiting the security situation in the country after 2011, the Editor noted.

Libya, he said, is facing political, security and military onslaught, but is dealing with the migration phenomenon from a humanitarian perspective, it receives hundreds of thousands, while some countries complain of few thousands of migrants who managed to reach their territories.

The Editor called on all concerned countries to put in place a real program for development in countries of origin to create chances for would-be migrants to remain in their countries, instead of leaving them to pursue the ‘bogus European dream.’

Source: Libyan News Agency