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Kuni reaffirms Presidency Council efforts to counter all challenges.

Kuni reaffirms Presidency Council efforts to counter all challenges.Tuesday , 12-07-2016 – 17:08:00

Tripoli, 12.07.2016(Lana) Vice-President of the Presidency Council, Musa Kuni underlined the intention of the GNA to assume its work from the headquarters of the government, describing the handover of the building as genuine start for the availability of resources to manage the state from the premises in terms of both the archives and human resources. Kuni spoke at the press conference held for local and foreign media following the takeover of the premises officially in Tripoli. He also spoke about unifying state institutions east and west, fighting Daesh and addressing the issue of cash, power disruption and resumption of oil production and opening of the coastal road linking Tripoli with Zawia. Taking over the premises of the government Today, coincides with unifying state institutions east and west, stressing the Presidency Council efforts to face all challenges starting with fighting of Daesh and eradicating this terrorist organization in the course of which Libyan youth made great sacrifices prompting Deash to retreat. On issues of cash, he said the Presidency Council took steps to address the issue. He said the issue of power disruption is not a new but a chronic problem due to mounting problems of power sector in the country, Kuni added. he said the Presidency Council devouted a lot of time to address the problem. Kuni said the deficit would be addressed as soon as generation station in Obari is completed which would alleviate pressure on the North besides Khoms Station which is expected to become operational this month. The Council would continue its efforts to bring back companies with projects in Libya to complete their projects including energy projects. On resuming oil production, Kuni said there continuous contacts with Oil Installation Guards to resume oil export which would in turn revitalize Libyan economy. On opening of Coastal road between Zawia and Tripoli, he said all matters have been addressed and the road would be reopened soon. =Lana=