Kubis In Tribute To The Efforts Of The 5 + 5 Joint Committee.

Tripoli, The UN envoy to Libya, Jan Kubis, on Friday praised the efforts of the "5 + 5" joint military committee in bringing about the political dialogue forum and returning Libya to the path of reconciliation and unity.

"Your patriotic action, your courageous decisions, and your firm commitment to continue implementing the ceasefire agreement played a decisive role in the success of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum, and put Libya back on the path of reconciliation and unity," Kubis said in a tweet published by the mission on its official website.

In his tweet, the UN envoy stressed the need to stop all international interference in Libya, calling on all countries to respect UN Security Council resolutions, including the arms embargo, and most importantly, respect the will of the Libyans.

Source: Libya News Agency