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Libyan Newswire

Kobler welcomes statement of Libyan political dialogue

Tripoli, 12.03.2016 - Lana - The UNSG special envoy for UNSMIL "Martin Kobler" , had welcomed the statement issued by members of the Libyan political dialogue , in the Tunisian capital Tunis. Kobler , praised the courage , insistence and harmony showed by the dialogue members , asserting the national community's consensus support , for the Libyan political dialogue. In a statement issued by the UNSMIL , Kobler said ; "there can't be political vacuum , it's time to start the establishing stage , the Libyan people is looking forward for a strong government , able to end division , and lead the country in a unified form". Kobler , had appealed to the presidential council to take all necessary measures to move to Tripoli , as soon as the security situation gets better. He also called on the international community , to work with the national reconciliation government , as the only legitimate power and to support it.

Source: Libya News Agency