Friday, 24/1/2020 | 5:24 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Kajman meets UNICEF emergency official

Tripoli-Deputy at GNA Presidency Council, Abdusalam Kajman met Thursday with UNICEF emergency official, the Special representative of UNICEF in Libya and Education Advisor on Libya for UNICEF. The meeting held at the cabinet Offices in Tripoli discussed UNICEF short and long term plans in Libya through multiple programmes, especially concerning the displaced, illegal immigrants, their detention conditions and all humanitarian aspects. The meeting touched to the conditions of children at refugee camps and the need to provide safe environment and humanitarian aid in collaboration with GNA based on UN Charter. They agreed on forming a committee with UNICEF to offer aid to the displaced, train Libyans and engage them in relief work to play their role during crisis time.

Source: Libya News Agency