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AMMAN, Aug 4 – Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Sabah Al Rafi’ said the ministry is working intensively to facilitate the return of Jordanians in Libya.

The spokesperson said the Jordanian embassies in Tunisia and Libya are working with Libyan authorities to enable Jordanians willing to leave Libya to do so.

The ministry had earlier called on Jordanians in Libya to exercise extreme caution due to the current unrest in the country and avoid areas of conflict.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Affairs Nasser Judeh also telephoned his Tunisian counterpart recently to discuss means to facilitate the entry of Jordanians in Libya to Tunisia on their way home.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Affairs had earlier advised Jordanians against traveling to Libya.

In a statement, the ministry called upon the Jordanian community in Libya to leave the African nation as soon as possible.

The ministry also asked Jordanians who wish to leave Libya to head for Ras Jadir crossing point on the Tunisian border, noting that measures have been taken to ensure their return to the Kingdom via the Tunisian territories.



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