Saturday, 19/9/2020 | 10:47 UTC+0
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JAMAICA-FINANCE-New minimum wages for Jamaican workers

KINGSTON, Jamaica: The Jamaica government says the national minimum wages will be increased to J$5,000 (One Jamaica Dollar=US$0.011 cents) from September 3 this year.

Labour and Social Security Minister, Derrick Kellier said the J$1,000 increase per 40 hour week follows recommendations from the Minimum Wage Advisory Commission.

He said the minimum wage for industrial security guards, which is now J$6,655, will be also increased to J$7, 320.50 per 40- hour work week.

“This is evidence of our attempt at improving the capacity for productivity improvement of our workers in all categories, and for creating the space for decent work and social protection,” he told Parliament.

Kellier said that security guards would also benefit from increases in laundry and dog holder’s allowances even though their life insurance remains at two million dollars double indemnity.

Kellier said factors such as the state of the economy, inflation, as well as Jamaica’s discussions with the International Monetary Fund, impacted the level of increase, the first since 2009.

“I firmly believe that this level of increase will assist in alleviating some of the suffering of these vulnerable workers without having a substantial dis-employment effect,” Kellier said.