Monday, 9/12/2019 | 3:00 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Italy: military solution will aggravate the crisis

Rome, Lana - The Italian foreign minister "Paolo Gentiloni" , said that any hasty military action against Libya , is not an ideal solution , and could aggravate the crisis. Gentiloni , in a speech before the Italian parliament about Libya , said that any military operation by Italy inside Libya , will be according to the international and Italian laws , and with the approval of the Italian parliament , and it will be part of an operation sponsored by the UN , which aims to the formation of a unity government; as quoted by the US "Wall Street Journal". He pointed out , that the situation inside Libya still complicated , with the continuance of fighting among rivals and different formations , as well as the spread of the state organization 'Da'esh'.

Source: Libya News Agency