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Italian Prime Minister Invites French President For Palermo Conference.

Rome, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has extended an invitation to the French President Emanuel Macron, to take part in the Palermo Conference on the Libyan crisis to be hosted by the city of Palermo on Nov. 12,13. ‘I have extended an invitation to President Macron to take part in the Palermo Conference, there are differences in viewpoints between me and the French President, but on the personal level the relationship is good, everyone wants to do what’s better for his country, Conte said at a discussion with the Italian media carried by the Italian Aki News Agency. Conte said he will be meeting Russian President Putin, to invite him to the conference, saying ‘I considered him as an essential interlocutor.’ In a briefing to the Italian Senate on Tuesday, in reference to ‘a not completely identical views of Rome and Paris on date of Libyan elections, the Italian Foreign Minister Enzo Moavero Milanese stressed that the Government of his country has never doubted the inevitability of the elections, as a means to enable Libyans chose their legislative and executive institutions.

Source: Libya News Agency




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