Friday, 22/11/2019 | 1:39 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Italian navy: rescuing 1759 illegal migrants in the Mediterranean.

Rome, - On Friday , the Italian navy was been able to rescue 1759 illegal immigrants in the Mediterranean , in the last 24 hours , who were on boats at Sicily channel. The Italian 'ANSAmed" news agency , quoted from navy sources as saying ; "the frigate 'Grikal' had rescued 698 illegal migrants in two separate operation , as the patrol boat 'Bateka' rescued 588 persons in five separate operations , and the frigate 'Bergamina' rescued 473 migrants in three operations". Its noteworthy , that the sea rout between Italy and Libya , had become the main path for illegal immigrants , who are seeking to go to Europe.

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Source: Libyan News Agency