Wednesday, 8/4/2020 | 9:35 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Italian Navy Boat Set off on Reconnaissance Mission to Determine Support Mission Work for Libyan Coast Guard

Rome - Italian authorities have announced that a patrol boat has sailed off to the area off the Libyan territorial waters in the Mediterranean, on a mission to put the final touches to the Italian support mission for the Libyan coast guard in accordance with Libyan authorities security needs. The mission which will continue until Tuesday and the Italian Government is expected to brief the Defense and Foreign Committees at the Italian Parliament on its details on Friday, the Italian news agency Aki reported. Acceding to Government sources, the size of the military support mission for the Libyan Coast Guard will not exceed one or two vessels with helicopters on board, and the final decision is expected to be agreed with the Libyan authorities. the President of the Presidency Council of the Government of National Accord Al Serraj dismissed media reports that he gave permission to the Italian Navy to enter the Libyan territorial waters, stressing that Libya's sovereignty was a "red line". The GNA Foreign Ministry issued a statement in which it said the Presidency Council request was merely logistical and technical assistance to curb the flow of migrants and confront traffickers. Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentelone said 'the support mission for the Libyan Coat Guard is a milestone in Italy's contribution to upgrading Libya's capabilities to confront traffickers on its national frontiers. 'This mission is part of consolidating stability Libya which has special status to Italy, Gentelone said, adding that it was a contribution to consolidating Libya's sovereignty not against its sovereignty.

Source: Libya News Agency