Monday, 16/12/2019 | 7:31 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Italian Ministry of Defense: We don’t plan for any military intervention in Libya

Tripoli, 14.03.2016(Lana) Italian Ministry of Defense confirmed Monday that Rome does not plan for any military intervention in Libya, expressing readiness to offer help to restore security and stability in the country. Italian Minister of defense, Roberta Pinotti dismissed reports on presence of Italian military and intelligence personnel on Libyan soil. She reiterated her country's readiness to offer help to Libya to restore stability in the country within an international mission. The Italian Minister said the believe that military intervention is capable of filling the vacuum caused by lack of consensus among Libyans is irrelevant, stressing that the fundamental issue lies in identifying ways to end the political process related to the formation of the national accord government. There were reports about arrival of Italian, French, American and British special forces in Libya, though limited in numbers. These developments came against the backdrop of reports about a joint US-Italian moves to start an operation against Daesh gunmen in the country, especially after announcement of the US ambassador to Italy that 5000 Italian soldiers would go to Tripoli to secure it and prevent the Daesh from over-running it.

Source: Libya News Agency