Thursday, 20/2/2020 | 2:17 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Italian interior Ministry: Number of Migrants Through Libya Decreased.

Rome, According to figures issued by the

Italian Interior Ministry, the flow of migrants who arrive by Sea has

decreased in the last ten months by 79.4% to 43166 against 147942 in

the period from July 2016 to April 20,2017.

These figures marked a decline, for the tenth consecutive

month, of irregular migration to the country's shores, the Ministry

said, noting that in the period from beginning of July 2017 up to now

104776 migrants have been registered, which lesser that the same

period of last year.

The Ministry noted that July 2017 has seen the launch of a new

strategy to curb down irregular migration and trafficking, which

resulted in a reverse of flow, after the first six months of the same


Since January this year the number of migrants who have arrived

in Italy has reached 7551 compared to 36728 in the same period of

last year, a decrease of 79.4% . The rate of migrants who started the

journey in Libya was markedly decreased 85%.

Source: Libya News Agency