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Italian Defence Minister: Libya's Stability Matter of Concern to North and South Mediterranean.

Italian Defence Minister: Libya’s Stability Matter of
Concern to North and South Mediterranean.Thursday , 1412201716:31:00

Paris, 14 December 2017(Lana) Italian Defense Minister Roberta
Pinotte has said that ‘Libya’s stability is a matter that concerns us
‘It is clear that due to historical friendship links, stability
of Libya is of special importance to Italy, but in the meantime take
special importance also for the whole Mediterranean region, Pinotte
told the Ministerial Meeting of ‘5+5 Defense’ Initiative here on
We have engaged in some humanitarian support activities as part
of the European Mission, and training of coastal guards, but I think
that we all look to Libya because its political stability is key to
build security, she added.
The ”5+5 Defense Initiative’ incorporates five southern
Mediterranean countries ‘Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco and
Tunisia, as well as 5 northern Mediterranean countries, France,
Italy, Malta, Portugal and Spain.