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Libyan Newswire

International statement welcomes cease-fire in Abusaleem.

Tripoli, 26.02.2017(Lana) Ambassadors of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK and the USA have welcome the cease-fire reached in Abusaleem district of Tripoli, due to intention of the Presidency Council, cautioning that the use of force a fundamental right confined to state agencies and its security forces. In a joint statement, the ambassador renewed their support to the political accord signed December 17, 2015 as a ground for comprehensive political solution to current conflicts. The statement posted by the British ambassador on his tweeter account Saturday, stressed the need to continue the ambassadors support to UNSMIL efforts in Libya aimed at addressing the political, security , economic and institutional crisis faced by the country. The statement underscored, the ambassadors commitment to safeguard Libya's sovereignty, territorial integrity and national cohesion. The statement called for ceasing acts of violence that leads to civilian lives loses. 'We confirm our stance that Libyans must decide their future and we are ready to support their efforts to build strong and prosperous Libya and apply the vision of the Libyan political accord to ensure peaceful rotation of a newly elected government. =Lana=

Source: Libya News Agency