International Parliament Calls For Disclosure Of Fate Of Missing Siham Sergewa.

STRASBURG, - The International Parliament criticized Tobruk Parliament and Al-Bayda parallel government for their negligence regarding the issue of the kidnapping and disappearance of the deputy in the Libyan House of Representatives, Siham Sergewa, as there is no information about what happened to her since she was kidnapped from her home in Benghazi in July 2019.

The International Parliament Union, which is based in the French city of Strasbourg, called for disclosing the results of the investigations conducted by the government of Al-Thani about the kidnapping of Representative Siham Sergewa, and clarifying the work of the competent prosecution responsible for the case, and the parliament considered in an inclusion on its website on the international information network that (non-cooperation of Tobruk House of Representatives in the Sergewa case calls for profound regret, and that this behavior of Parliament puts it under suspicion.

The International Parliament added that al-Thinni's government did not present any evidence to refute the accusations directed at Awliya al-Dam Battalion, which is accused of kidnapping Representative Siham Sergewa.

It is noteworthy that the member of Parliament, Siham Sergewa, was kidnapped from her home in the city of Benghazi, in July of 2019, after television statements, during which she announced the complete rejection of the aggression against the capital, Tripoli.

Source: Libya News Agency