In A Statement To (Lana) Major General, Ahmed Abu Shahma, Announced That The Opening Of The Coastal Road Will Take Place As Soon As Demining Process Is Completed.

Major General Ahmed Abu Shahma, a member of the Joint Military Committee (5 + 5), announced that the opening of the coastal road between the western and eastern regions will take place immediately after the completion of the demining process.

However, he did not specify the time for the clearance process . Major General Abu Shahma said in his response to a question by the correspondent of the Libyan News Agency, Sirte, regarding the opening of the coastal road between the eastern and western regions and the exchange of detainees and prisoners _ he said (Of course, the opening of the coastal road was one of the points we mentioned and discussed in the committee sessions, with operations officers as well as officers Engineering in the process of removing mines and remnants of war, whether on the coastal road or around it, and this work will, God willing, be similar to the opening of the coastal road.

As for detainees and prisoners, Major General, Ahmed Abu Shahma explained that it was agreed between the Joint Military Committee (5 + 5) to take measures to communicate and to give lists to detainees from both sides.

Source: Libyan News Agency