Saturday, 14/12/2019 | 7:26 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

IGAD Condemns Murder of Ethiopians in Libya

“We gly condemn the killings in the gest possible terms. Our region also equally condemns this senseless activity,” Executive Secretary of IGAD, Ambassador Engineer Mahboub Maalim said.

“We are sad for Ethiopians who have been slaughtered while seeking job opportunities to improve their livelihoods. We stand united with the people of Ethiopia,” he said.

The terrorist group, which calls itself Islamic State, doesn’t represent Islam religion and it should be denounced by all people across the world, the Executive Secretary said.

“Islam religion is a peaceful religion. It is a religion which calls for a peaceful co-existence among people,” he said.

The international community, Muslim leaderships in particular, should condemn and stand united to fight this terror group operating under the pretext of religion, he noted.

Calling for global efforts to fight against illegal traffickers, the Executive Secretary urged Ethiopians to avoid illegal travel to foreign countries that may risk their lives.

IGAD on last Saturday also condemned the xenophobic attacks against foreign nationals in South Africa.

Source : Walta Info