Saturday, 6/6/2020 | 7:42 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire


TRIPOLI -- The Libyan coast guard has rescued 483 immigrants on a wooden boat which had almost broken apart off the coast of western Libya, a Libya Navy spokesman says.

Spokesman Ayob Qassem said Thursday that the would-be immigrants included 27 women and 8 children. Qassem also said the migrants are from Syria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Ghana, and Bangladesh.

Three rubber boats were spotted by a naval patrol on Thursday with smugglers in the process of boarding 40 migrants to send towards Europe, Qassem revealed. The migrants were taken to an immigration receiving centre in western Libya.

As a resul of its state of insecurity and chaos, Libya is a preferred departure point for thousands of immigrants from Africa who want to cross the Mediterranean to Europe, although many of them on the way as boats capsize.

Source: NAM News Network