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HSC President meets US ambassador to Libya.

HSC President meets US ambassador to Libya.Sunday , 2602201716:36:00

Tripoli, 26.02.2017(Lana) President of High State Council ( HSC), Abdurrahman Al Sawihli has received the US ambassador to Libya, Peter Bodde at the sideline of his visit to Tunis. The US ambassador renewed during the meeting his country’s support to the political accord and its sprang institutions, underlining neutrality and non-bias to any party at the expense of the other. Bodde stressed the need for the cooperation of all security and financial institutions with the government of national accord for the success of the political accord. The US ambassador underlined that his embassy and the State Department followed up with great concern, the gunfire incident against the motorcade of the President of the HSC and the President of the Presidency Council by an outlawed armed group last week in Tripoli. The ambassador expressed readiness of the US administration to help the Libyan authorities in building and qualifying a unified and professional Libyan army subjected to the high civilian authority in the country to control arms and rouge armed groups opposed to state authority. For his part, High State Council praised the US administration support to the Libyan political accord and its institutions and its support to the GNA forces in rooting out Daesh in Serte. He reaffirmed that the HSC is open to all parties to reach a consensus on the application of the political accord, stressing that the HSC is committed to the principle of all Libyan participation in state building without marginalization and safeguarding equal citizen ship rights for all. =Lana=