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Hollande and Renzi Dismayed Discontented by Libyans Foot-dragging in Forming National Unity Government

Venice, 9 March 2016(Lana) The leaders of France and Italy have expressed their indignation at the foot-dragging by Libyans in forming a national unity government. As for Libya there is a lot of aspiration, but not enough pressure, French President Francois Hollande said at a press conference with the Italian Prime Minister Mateo Renzi at the end of the French-Italian Summit here. 'We have to do what we can for the government to be formed, Holland told reporters. Anarchy serves none but the terrorists, he said. He noted that his country was exercising with other countries which have leverage on Libyan parties to reach a solution. On his part, the Italian Prime Minister said despite all obstacles the international community would do what they can for the national consensus government to gain confidence, urging Libyans to make the most of the time available to them

Source: Libya News Agency