Saturday, 6/6/2020 | 8:43 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

HJC convenes its regular meeting in Ghiryan

Ghiryan - The High Judicial Council (HJC) convened Monday at its regular meeting in Ghiryan, The meeting including President of the High Judicial Council, President of the High Court, Justice Mohamed Al Qamawdi and the attorney general, Ibrahim Massuad, head of Inspection, Justice Abdulfath Balman, head and members of courts and prosecutions at Ghiryan Court of Appeal. President of the High Court, Justice Mohamed Al-hafi told Lana that the meeting in Ghiryan is in line with the regular meetings held by the HJC in various Libyan cities. They discussed obstacles and issues encountering the judiciary work and ways to address them and facilitate work of courts and prosecution.

Source: Libya News Agency