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Hillary to be jolted by Starbucks CEO? (WND)


Howard Schultz

Howard Schultz

Hillary Clinton long has been the assumed Democratic nominee for president in 2016, based on her name, her husband’s status as a former president and her longtime control over many Democrat influences in the country.

There is Bernie Sanders, the far-left individual who describes himself as socialist, and apparent also-rans Lincoln Chafee, Jim Webb and Martin O’Malley.

But now a new name is being promoted, with prominent New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd saying it could “be a tempting proposition” for Starbucks chief Howard Schultz.

“Potent friends of America’s lord of latte, Howard Schultz, have been pressing him to join the Democratic primary, thinking the time is right for someone who’s not a political lifer,” she wrote. “For the passionate 62-year-old – watching the circus from Seattle – it may be a tempting proposition.”

A report in Fortune said it “would mark a shift for Schultz if he does enter the presidential ring” because he previously had told Time, “I don’t think that is a solution. I don’t think it ends well.”

But the report said he also long has been “vocal” about government and “its failure in addressing the nation’s pressing issues.”

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For example, he delivered in 2013 a petition with more than two million names on behalf of a White House political drive.

A while back, he told Dowd, “The country is longing for leadership and for truth with a capital ‘T.'” And he repeated the message recently at a Starbucks meeting.

“The country is definitely not going in the right direction,” he said, Fortune reported. “There is a significant void of leadership in America and around the world. I strongly believe that businesses and business leaders have a responsibility to do all we can to bring our people along with us and share our significant success – and not wait for Washington because the void of leadership is getting bigger and bigger.”

The focal point of his concern was the leadership under the Obama administration now in the White House. But for years Hillary Clinton was part of that, as secretary of state.

That tenure, in fact, left her with two of the major scandals she now is facing: her use of a private email server in her home instead of a government server, which means there now are many questions about what she did and how she did it.

Among those questions is why classified government information is being found on those emails that were on an unprotected private server, as two inspectors general have wondered.

Also, what exactly was Hillary Clinton’s, and for that matter, Barack Obama’s, role in response to the terror attack on the U.S. facility in Benghazi, Libya, that left four Americans including the ambassador dead.

Fortune reported if Schultz does run, the road to defeating the Clinton political machine would be an uphill route.

But in Dowd’s column, she explained his work with Starbucks gives him a platform for a message.

“After coming up from the housing projects in Brooklyn, Schultz reimagined Starbucks and then revived it. He has strong opinions, and even position papers, about what he calls the fraying American dream,” she said.

“While he was promoting his book on veterans last year, he honed a message about making government work again and finding ‘authentic, truthful leadership,'” she said.

BizPacReview warned Clinton “might be getting a jolt of caffeinated competition.”