Tuesday, 11/8/2020 | 7:30 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

High State Council meets in Tripoli.

Tripoli, The High State Council held Monday its 12th ordinary session in Tripoli. Members of the HSC recited at the outset of the meeting al Fateh Sura of the Holy Quran on the souls of the Fortified Structure martyrs who offered their pure blood in the battle for the liberation of Serte. The meeting discussed the report submitted by the team assigned on the political decision and approved it. The HSC decided to communicate an urgent letter to the Presidency Council of the GNA asking it to shoulder its responsibilities and carry out its tasks as the Supreme Commander of the armed forces and implement the items on the political accord due to extraordinary situation undergone by the country. The HSC also discussed the degree of Central Bank of Libya commitment to London agreement concluded between the state financial institutions and the presidency council to speed up implementation of the financial arrangements enshrined in the political accord. The HSC decided to conduct an assessment of the degree of commitment by the Central Bank of Libya to implementing the agreement and then take decisions that would ensure urgent solutions to the economic situation of the country. The HSC underlined its commitment to the political accord as the only way to address the crisis and discuss the prospect of amending the political accord to address any bottlenecks faced through the mechanisms spelled out in the items of the accord, and which provide for the need for an agreement of the HSC and the House of Representatives to make any amendments to the text of the accord or the Constitutional Declaration. The HSC also agreed to accept the invitation to attend Ejkhara third national reconciliation gathering and political dialogue under the title practical steps to operationalize the political accord between the House of Representatives and the HSC.

Source: Libya News Agency