Thursday, 27/2/2020 | 5:07 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

High State Council condemns air raid on Jufra civilian airport.

Tripoli, The High State Council has condemned the heinous crime by the so-called Karama forces in a preplanned attack on Jufra civilian airport on a plane on a take off position with civilians onboard. The HSC rejected any escalations that could deepen the wounds of the country and threaten the lives of civilians and safety of civil aviation. It asked to hold those responsible to account and the presidency Council to take decisive measures and clear stances to condemn and criminalize such acts. The HSC said it is making unabated efforts to mend fences and that it is open up to all initiatives in its bid to broaden the political accord to include all parties to reach consensus conducive to the homeland interest'. "However, we were caught by surprise by the painful news of a full war crime which perpetrators targeted a plane in a take off position with civilians onboard at Jufra Civilian Airport, killing one citizen and injuring 8 others, in a premeditated attack and repeating the attack reveals the real intention of the perpetrators affiliated to the so-called Karam forces to cause large number of casualties, it added.

Source: Libya News Agency