Monday, 6/7/2020 | 12:23 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire


ALGIERS, April 15 — The second round of the Inter-Libyan dialogue which wrapped in Algiers on Tuesday has been described as representing a huge success which “gives hope to reach a political agreement to the crisis in Libya” by the head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNISMIL), Bernardino Leon.

“The quality of exchanges was significant and the result of the meeting represents a huge success, giving hope to the other working groups created in a bid to reach a political agreement for Libya,” he told a media briefing here Tuesday together with Algeria’s Minister for Maghreb and African Affairs, Abdelkader Messahel.

Leon added that “since the different processes of dialogue were launched under the auspices of UN”, this second round of the inter-Libyan dialogue had seen the participation, for the first time, of very important representatives of the main political groups in Libya, who had debated, over a couple of days, the elaboration of a draft peace agreement.

Concerning the work of the second round of the dialogue, Leon said major questions had been examined during this two-day meeting.

The first, he said, concerned the presentation and the study of a UN-drafted document to find an overall political solution to the crisis in Libya, the follow-up of the work done by the other working groups, including the parliamentarians, civil society, the armed groups and the tribes.

The second question relates to the examination of the situation on the ground in Libya, which is “preoccupying because of the usage of weapons and the escalation of violence”. “The war which continues in Libya may destabilize the country and the region as a whole,” he warned.

“The work of the second meeting of the inter-Libyan dialogue has enabled us to listen to the various comments and proposals expressed on the content of the draft peace agreement.”

For Bernardino Leon, the Algiers meeting was an “opportunity” for the participants to launch an “important message” on the concerns related to the terrorist threat and the presence on Libyan soil of terrorist groups as “Daech,” “Al Qaeda” and many others.

The Chief of UNISMIL has underscored that the Libyan parties give “special importance” to the conclusion of tangible political agreement, allowing the restoration of peace and stability in Libya, calling for speeding up the formation of a Libyan government of national unity and boosting the talks for a political agreement “as soon as possible”.

He finally stressed the need for including all Libyan stakeholders to a solution which must be good and balanced.