Tuesday, 28/1/2020 | 1:37 UTC+0
Libyan Newswire

Head of Seaports Authority Says Bulgarian Court Issues Final Ruling in Libyan Vessel Case

Tripoli-The Head of the Seaports and Marine Transport Authority Omar Al Jawashi has announced that the Bulgarian Administrative Court has issued a final verdict in the case of the Libyan vessel ‘Badr’ seized in Bulgaria. Al Jawashi told the Libyan news agency the Seaports Authority would inform its counterparts worldwide of the court verdict, considering that the vessel was still the possession of the Libyan state and asking them to seize it on entry of any country regardless of the flag it raised. Al Jawashi reiterated that the Libyan authorities have again addressed the authorities in Panama asking them to take the necessary step to abrogate the forged registration of the vessel so that the Libyan authorities could take legal action to seize it. Earlier, the GNA Foreign Minister Mohamed Siala has said ‘the Foreign Ministry was in constant coordination with the Ministry of Transport and the Marine Transportation Company over the Libyan vessel ‘Badr’ seized in Bulgaria. The Foreign Ministry, through its diplomatic missions and in coordination with the Ministry of Transport and the Marine Transport Company, is constantly following the movement of the Libyan vessel outside the territorial waters of Bulgaria, to ensure that it cannot dock at any Seaport in the Black Sea.


Source: Libya News Agency