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Libyan Newswire

Head of Local Council Sabrata Urges to Unite to Face Security Challenges

Tripoli, 2 March 2016(Lana) The Head of the Sabrata Local Council Husain Al Dawadi has urged the city communities to unite to preserve peace and security of the city and avoid tribal and party rivalries. 'We have sought to bring together all parties in the city regardless of their affiliations to set up a joint security room of all military and security specialties to be run by military and security officers to confront any reaction by the terrorist Da'esh group, Al Dawadi said in an exclusive statement to Lana. Al Dawadi said life in Sabrata has returned to normalcy with shops opening and people going about their daily life normally. schools will reopen on Sunday next week, he said. He called on the media to refrain from publishing inaccurate reports which may instigate division and sedition.

Source: Libya News Agency