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Head of Investigation at General Prosecution Office Holds Press Conference on Smuggling Fuel and Trafficking.

Head of Investigation at General Prosecution Office Holds
Press Conference on Smuggling Fuel and Trafficking.Thursday , 1503201819:55:00

Tripoli, 15 March 2018(Lana) The chief of investigation at the
Prosecution Office Al Sidiq Al Sour yesterday held a press conference
to talk about the crimes crippling the Libyan economy and placing a
burden of the daily lives of Libyans including fuel smuggling,
illegal migration and trafficking.
Al Sour indicated that fuel trafficking starts at Al Zawiyah
Refinery where imported fuel is stored in all kinds.
Investigations with arrested suspects, satellite images,
inferences made by security bodies including the Coast Guard and the
Libyan Navy, fuel and gas control committee, the NOC and others have
revealed the extent of violation subject of investigation by the
Libyan General Prosecution Office, Al Sour said.
He added that cooperation with judicial authorities in Europe and
the neighboring countries was also crucial in unlocking the mystery
of fuel smuggling across the Libyan coast from Zwara, Sabrata and Al
Zawiyah especially the fishing harbor in Zwara, with collaboration of
officials at Al Zawitah Refinery where large amounts of fuel are
transferred to Zwara under protection of some people, before the
amounts find their way to trawlers, which ship them to tankers in the
wider Sea.
Al Sour also indicated that there was evidence to prove that
groups or rather formations, to indicate it was an organized crime,
which smuggle fuel abroad with the aim of making profit out of it,
linked to international networks of companies and persons abroad.
Al Sour named two persons Fahmi Salim and his brother Hafedh, who
he said controlled the Zwara harbor since 2012 and were behind supply
of tankers with diesel oil by trawlers, to be twice a month smuggled
to Malta, Italy, Spain and Greece through the Maltese smuggling
network run by the Malta national Dandalin Dilano.
Inside Libya, Al Sour said a group of three men is engaged in
fuel smuggling in an area called Sidi Saed, it includes Elias Al
Mansouri, Daniel Al Atoushi and Jamal Al Hasayeri, it is known as the
gang of Al Tobou ‘tube’ in reference to the tube they use to pump
fuel to trawlers.
This group is connected to the Mohamed Kishlaf known as ‘Al
Gasab’ and also the group of Ahmaed Al Dabashi and others who control
the Al Zawiyah Refinery, Al Sour added.
However Alsour did indicated that there was judicial cooperation
between the Libyan judiciary with the National Department for
Combating Mafia and Terrorism Crimes in Italy since October 2017
based on a memorandum of Understanding signed in Palermo to combat
organized crime, and the UN anti-corruption treaty ratified by Libya.
This cooperation was crucial in Libya’s gaining of information
about these illegal operations, AlSour said.